The little tweet that couldn't

He wasn't created for much. In fact he was born to do very little. He had friends who were designed, developed and shaped to do great things, to change the way the world thought. Beside these giants he was a speck, a dot a nothing, just like his purpose in life.

His maker didn't spend a moment thinking about him in his creation. Besides his empty, goalless existence he was also scarred by his maker's thoughtlessness. Streaks of errors and mistakes disfigured him. People laughed when they saw him. Some merely judged him with disdain before moving on.

After an hour, no a minute, he was forgotten. Forgotten but forced to keep dwelling the platform for decades as though he may not even have existed. His only like came from @foxnugget138880, an account he suspected his maker sometimes used for complaints.

Where he could have done something, said something, even meant something if his maker spared a moment of thought for his life, the little tweet was simply put, a waste of time.

Cape Town – Vancouver